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Retail Security Tags and Where to Buy Them, Bullseye Protection offers anti-shoplifting systems to the retail industry for more than 10 years. All major brands, custom, new, used, professional advice. Call Now 305-5393808


If you want to purchase retail security tags you need to address professionals who offer high-quality products and can consult you. Such a company is Bullseye Protection their website:

According to the retail security research in the United States, conducted by National Retail Security Survey, the loss of retail thefts is 1.5% of the turnover. European indicators coincide with the American. Unfortunately, retail thefts happen everywhere and they make small or big harm to any business. After all, there is a solution to the problem of theft, it is anti-theft systems, and security tags.

1.5% is a common indicator for the industry. For a given trading floor normal rate of theft is 0.5-1% of the turnover. The basis of modern store security system is an anti-theft system or security tags. It is a direct tool for detecting thefts or it can create barriers for thefts using video surveillance and control of personal employee store.

Any anti-theft system, by large, is comprised of three main components:

1) Antitheft detectors: tags and labels, which are attached to the goods;

2) Deactivators and pullers that can remove or deactivate the security elements from the sold goods;

3) Antennas (anti-theft gates) that can identify detectors related to unauthorized removal of the goods from the store.

Also, security tags include additional accessories that allow you to operate the system more user-friendly and stable.

EAS systems are designed for retail stores of any direction: shopping fashion industry, food, clothing, building, etc. The company Bullseye Protection offers acoustomagnetic equipment and radio frequency technologies.

Find a large selection of high-quality security tags at low prices for your retail store you can find at Bullseye Protection. The company has over 15 years of experience and on their website, you will be able to track your package with the help of track code.


Bullseye Protection is the leader in Loss Prevention. For additional services or inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you further. Reach out to us today via phone 305-5393808, email or through our website's contact form

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