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According to the statistics, in the absence of security equipment in store, theft percentage reaches 1-2% of its turnover. If we calculate the percentage of money on the supermarket level, it turns out to be a pretty impressive number! This implies a correct conclusion: only the special means of protection can save items and bring losses to their owners.

For this purpose, there is anti-theft systems and anti-theft equipment. It is installed at the entrance or exit if the store.

Inventory in the store marked with special antitheft technical sensors.

Inventory security tags are attached to the product in the following ways:

1. Flexible label is attached to the product by its self-adhesive side;

2. Hard sensor (tag) is attached to the product with the use of special closing devices - needles, cables, and straps.

Antitheft tags are used to protect clothing, footwear, household appliances, fancy goods, etc.

Antitheft sensors in the form of seashells have three different sizes in diameter: 45 mm, 54 mm and 63mm. Light mini sensors are most often used in lingerie stores, delicate, children's clothing and shoe stores.

There are also special canned and bottle antitheft tags designed for the protection of foil and metallic blisters and packages, optics and jewelry. As you can see, anti-theft equipment and inventory security tags can be used for all kinds of products.

Anti-theft labels are applied to products in flexible packaging, including the packaging of food products. Labels come in white and black colors, as well as an imitation of a false barcode.

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