How to Protect Summer Retail Products with Security Tags On Clothes


The retail industry loses a shocking amount of revenue each year due to shoplifting. Inventory shrinkage totaled 46.8 billion dollars in the United States in 2018.

Needless to say, retailers are looking for ways to cut down on crimes inside their stores.

Unfortunately, a percentage of that theft actually comes from employees themselves who are either stealing cash or products from the stores.

But when the threats come from shoplifters outside the store, security tags can help you catch potential theft. Shoppers look to steal items that are compact and can re-sell for near retail value, such as summer bikinis, sunglasses, or other swimsuits.

Putting security tags on clothes can help block people from taking items from the store.

Potential thieves are searching for how to remove security tags from anti theft devices

Threat to retail store owners via shoplifting is no fantasy matter, according to our research there are many people that search online on a monthly basis to find content teaching them how to remove retail tags from clothes, when you add the numbers, it amounts to an army of people throughout the Unites States that fit the profile to become a retail thieve, and store owners should not be oblivious to this hard cold fact. Sadly, if even celebrities with purchase power (10 Rich Celebs Caught Stealing) can fall into the temptation of stealing merchandise, others might as well.

Protect Your Inventory by Putting Security Tags on Clothes

Security tags operate by attaching to the products in the store - in this case, clothing. Each piece of clothing gets a designated tracker attached to it. You've probably seen these in the form of plastic tags or tags that say ink will splatter if you don't remove it properly.

The tags are activated when you go through a barrier that's typically set up at the door entrance of the store. If the tag goes through the door without being deactivated, the alarm goes off. That way, you'll know when someone is trying to steal your merchandise.

The tags can be used on just about every type of product because they come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and options. Your decision to use security tags on clothes will help protect your summer retail products in a variety of ways.

Reasons You Should Use Security Tags

Security tags in themselves act as a huge deterrent to someone who is trying to steal something. If a piece of clothing doesn't have a security tag on it, it's simple to slip inside a bag or a pocket depending on the size. Just the security tag being on the clothes in the first place is a tip-off to the thief that they're probably going to be caught if they attempt to pocket your merchandise.

They're Easy to Afford

Besides giving that extra blanket of security right from the start, security tags for clothing are actually available to be purchased in bulk for a low price.

For that reason alone, security tags are one of the most cost-effective solutions for retailers looking to prevent theft. Compared to the amount of money that's constantly lost through theft itself, putting the extra security measures in place will actually save you money in the end.

Ease of Use

Security tags aren't going to disrupt the flow of your work-life. They're easy to deactivate. They're also easy to attach to clothing.

Usually, when a customer brings the clothing or other products they've chosen for purchase to the register, your employees will be able to easily remove the tags. Most security tags come off clothing in one movement with a key found only by the register.

There won't be lots of waiting around in line for security tags to be removed. And the tags can be attached in seconds.

Gives Peace of Mind

Employees are supposed to be busy focusing on customer service. They're there to serve customers and make sure they have the best experience possible.

If they're too busy worrying about keeping an eye out for theft, they'll have extra aspects on their plate that might distract them from giving their all. When they know that your merchandise has the proper security tags on them, then they'll be able to concentrate more fully on providing a good customer experience.

Similarly, it will also give your shoppers peace of mind. If they see that your products have security tags, they'll be able to gather that you truly value your merchandise and that they should value it as well. If you have a particularly observant or thoughtful shopper, they also won't have to worry about experiencing any incidents in your store involved in theft.

A Reliable Option

Perhaps you were thinking about hiring a security guard to prevent people from taking products from your store. If you think about it, this might not be an extremely reliable option.

A security guard will potentially deter shoplifters just by their presence. But more sneaky perpetrators will still be able to get away with taking your items, right out from under someone's nose. Without security tags, they can still take items when the security guard isn't looking.

It's impossible for a security guard to have eyes all over the store at all times. And it's not difficult for a person to become distracted, or for two thieves to come in with the plan that one will distract the guard.

Security tags are actually eyes all over your store. Even if an employee or a guard didn't detect the shoplifting, there's no way for the thief to get through the sensor without activating the alarm.

The tags are also almost impossible to remove without the deactivator at the front of the store. If someone did manage to take the time to get rid of the tag, it would take too much time and they would get caught in the act.

Get Extra Security

It's time to add security tags on clothes that you don't want to get lifted from your store. All you have to do to add that extra blanket of security is buy your tags and attach them to your clothes. Then you can install the sensor at the front of your store, and you're good to go.

Be consistent with where you place your security tags. This way, your cashiers will be able to remove them as swiftly as possible. Also make sure that the smooth side of the security pin is on the inside of the clothing, with the bulky part on the outside.

When people can see your security tag, it makes it obvious that the item has protection and can't be stolen.

The only thing left for you to do is place those security tags of your own.



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