Improving Car Dealership Security and Convenience

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Improving Car Dealership Security and Convenience - Sensornation


It’s Monday morning, after a nice, long weekend. You open up your car auction and what do you find, yet another key is missing. This scenario may seem unlikely, but that is not the case. In fact, many auto auctions experience this problem. Many consider this problem “normal” and “inevitable,” but it doesn’t have to be like that. Using simple and convenient solutions, these annoying problems can be avoidable, and you can go on your nice weekend without having to worry about car theft. Car key security tags are a great solution to attach each cars’ keys to the steering wheel. This ensures the keys or anything small can’t be lost, making it harder for these annoying problems to happen. This solution for security measures is greatly recommended.




Using a Car Security Tag System for Convenience – Never Lose the Keys Again:

Convenience around the auction is a large contributing factor in the efficiency of the auction. You may, and most likely have already found yourself in scenario where you lose or misplace the keys for a certain car. This greatly reduces the efficiency of the auction since now you have to find the keys which may take too much time. By using lanyard security tags and attaching the keys of each car to the steering wheel, losing the keys to a car will never be a problem again. Not only do the tags help with convenience, but they also make the dealership more secure.

There are various small objects in cars at an auction such as keys. These keys can be easily lost or misplaced if not secured properly. Using a security tag, you can attach the keys to the steering wheel. Securing the keys is no hassle and easier than ever. All you have to do is secure the lanyard into the tag and Voila! The convenience and security combo that comes with the tag is great since you won’t have to worry about keys getting lost or misplaced anymore.


Importance of Having a Quick and Efficient Auction:

During a car auction, speed and efficiency are two very important factors that greatly determine the amount of sales made. Any car auctioneer will agree with this statement. The faster that the cars advance, the faster the sales are made. Any minor inconvenience can turn into a serious deal-breaker in a quick auction. To avoid these inconveniences such as parts and accessories missing, use a car security tag. A security tag will tie these small parts to an opening in the car and ensure that the auction can keep working quick and efficiently.


What Happens if a Car Key Misplaced or Missing

If a car keys o missing during a quick and speedy auction, this can severely hurt the number of sales made. Some scenarios in which a car key goes missing is that the car can block the other cars a cause a traffic jam. A jam in a car auction will pretty much put the auction to a halt and make everything much slower. This is one of a car auctioneer’s worsts nightmares because the potential customers will get tired and leave. To ensure none of these scenarios occur, you can tie the keys onto the steering wheel with a security tag. This will make it almost impossible for any keys to be misplaced or go missing. At the end of the auction, there will be more sales and less accidents that could injure these sales.


Other Auction Facts

More than 9 million cars are sold at auctions each year. These auctions have to go as quickly and efficiently as possible to get the most sales out of each auction. Small mistakes like misplaced keys can greatly impact the number of sales made versus if no mistakes were made. If something as simple as keys being lost happens, the car with no keys can cause a traffic jam and turn the whole auction into a mess. Car security tags will ensure these simple mistakes and situations don’t happen and guarantee and better and fast paced auction.

California has the most car sales out of any state inn the United States. It also has the largest population out of all the states. In 2018 alone, more than 15 million registered vehicles were sold in California. In places like California, car theft can be a big problem since there are so many dealerships and its hard to keep track of stolen cars. Security in these dealerships is one of the biggest priorities to have an efficient dealership. Simple solutions like car tags help theft rates go down since its much easier to keep cars in check.

The average price for a car in an auction starts at $3,000 with higher end cars selling for over $10,000. For this reason, having good security is important so nothing gets out of order. Missing out of a $10,000 sale would be very tragic just because the keys of the car before it was missing. To avoid these things, it is important to have good security measures. Such security measures include having a security guard and attaching small parts and accessories to the car. Car security tags help with this because they offer a hassle-free solution by tying the keys for example, to the steering wheel. 

There are two types of car auctions: car auctions for dealers only and car auctions open to the public. Dealer only auctions require you to have a dealer license and have a set of requirements that come with it. Car auctions open to the public have two main categories: government auctions and public auctions. Government auctions include city vehicles such as police cruisers, buses, and others. Public auctions include reclaimed cars, flood- damaged cars, higher end SUVs, and more. Some of these cars may not be too reliable but there is some good competition for very good deals.


Protect Your Vehicles

Although vehicle theft is pretty common, it doesn’t have to be the “normal occurrence” at your dealership. By taking certain security measures, you can avoid theft in your dealership and not have to worry about losing your cars. Car security tag systems greatly help to avoid theft in dealerships by allowing you to attach small parts such as keys to the steering wheel or other places. This method while secure, is also very convenient since it ensures keys aren’t misplaced or lost. Contact us today for effective anti-theft solutions!


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