8 Ways to Improve Car Dealership Security With a Tag Car Security System

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 It's Monday morning, the regular grind. You get to the dealership and see that, yet again, a vehicle is missing. Since you're used to this, you proceed as normal, dealing with the issue. Sound familiar? While theft from auto dealerships is common, it doesn't have to be the norm! As the owner of a car dealership, you're most likely constantly on the lookout for ways to prevent auto theft. Luckily, there are many ways to do just that.

More than 700,000 cars were stolen in the United States during 2016 alone. But high theft rates don't have to remain the norm. Simple anti-theft methods can be used to limit the number of vehicles that move off your lot illegally. Tag car security systems and other methods are highly effective.

If you're looking to improve security at your dealership, you've come to the right place. Read on for several tips on how to keep your cars more secure.





Use a Tag Car Security System for Convenience - Keep each set of keys with the right vehicle.

You want your customers to have the best experience possible. That usually means your service needs to be quick and efficient. Using a tag car security system is one way you can add convenience. Security tags are usually seen in clothing stores, but they aren't only great for retail situations. Tags can be put to great use at your dealership.

Tags don't have to be used for security though. Chances are you already have security measures in place so you may not need the security feature of these tags. However, they also provide the ultimate in convenience. If you deal with a large number of vehicles each day, so how do you keep keys straight? This tag system is a great way for doing that. Simply use the tags to keep each set of keys with the right vehicle!

While this method is simple, it's ultra convenient. Never be confused about which set of keys you need or where they're located when you're moving lots of cars or a customer wants to go for a spin.

Other Security Solutions for Car Dealers:

Setup Video Surveillance

A more traditional route than security tags is to set up of video surveillance system around your lot. This may be a pricier option than the tags, depending on the system you choose to install. Video cameras alone serve as an anti-theft device, just because potential thieves can see that they're there. Knowing there's a security system in place will deter some people from attempting theft. And, if the theft of a vehicle is attempted or carried out, you'll have video footage to help identify the thief.


Light it Up

Make sure both your lot and your showroom are well lit, during the day and at night. Thieves aren't as likely to attempt to steal something when they can be easily seen. The lights will also help your video look better. Choosing a lot on a busy road is a great option since it ensures a lot of nearby traffic. If you're looking to move or create a new location, go for a lot on a street that stays busy, even at night.


Surround Your Lot with Fencing

Adding fencing around the perimeter of your property is a great way to deter potential thieves. Especially if you only leave one entrance/exit. If it has a gate, that's even better. Fencing will eliminate a lot of escape routes, leaving only one option. This is a major deterrent. Add security to the gate by making it only accessible to certain people during the night. Leave your gate open during the day though, so potential customers will keep coming.


Add an Alarm System

To keep your showroom or indoor areas secure, install an alarm system. You can also do this for your outdoor area if you have a gate.


Secure all Keys and Small Assets

Keep keys to all vehicles in a secure place. Whether that's inside your dealership building, or secured to each car with a security tag, make sure they aren't easy to take. Any small assets should be secured as well. Car parts, accessories and tools get stolen too, not just vehicles. Consider using a locking cabinet system for these items. If they're inside an alarm-protected building, that's even better.


Hire a Security Officer

Onsite security officers are great for keeping your cars safe. While video and alarm systems are great, onsite help is better. If a theft is attempted, someone is already right there to deal with the issue.


Use the Vehicles Themselves

You can actually use the vehicles themselves to prevent theft at your dealership. This is as simple as strategically positioning each vehicle. Use cars to block entry points to your lot, and to block/fill all driveways throughout the lot. That way, thieves won't be able to get anywhere in something as big as a car. You can also arrange your vehicles so the most valuable ones are the hardest to access. Do this by surrounding them with other cars.


Protect Your Vehicles

While vehicle theft is common, it doesn't have to be the norm at your dealership. Taking some simple steps can really help deter thieves and keep your assets safe. Implementing a tag car security system is a great way to protect your vehicles while providing convenience for both employees and customers. Doing so will keep your vehicles easily accessible to the right people. Many other methods can be used as well. Consider implementing multiple methods listed above and your vehicles will be much safer than having no security at all.

We'd love to help you protect your valuable assets. Contact us today for effective anti-theft solutions!



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