USB People Counter Bi-Directional

Vendor: Bullseye Protection
$565.00 $595.00

The USB Bi-Directional People Counter with infrared technology offers an affordable and dependable solution to measure the number and direction of people transiting a certain passage or entrance per unit time. The transmitter of this user-friendly unit sends two infrared signals to the receiver when people pass between both units interrupting the infrared signal, the count value increases by one and allow users to choose which count direction is displayed on the screen. Our People Counting Systems are wireless and battery powered not to mention some of the most cost-effective counters on the market.

The USB People Counter is easy to install, provides extreme low power and it is suitable for wide openings (up to 10m or 33ft wide). The product uses standard AA batteries that can last up to 4 year. This counter can generate minutely data that can be downloaded to the computer using a standard USB drive.

The USB Bi-Directional counter sensors are equipped with Enhanced Noise Immunity based on DSP technology. The Enhanced Noise Immunity filters out infrared and electrical disturbance from other sources. For example: IR door openers, AM anti shoplifting systems and more.

Installation: It is suitable to be placed at wide entrances (up to 10m or 33ft wide). It is recommended installing at shoulder / chest height to count people. Fixing on top of AM anti shoplifting antennas is also possible. The counter works through glass.

Parts included: Transmitter, receiver, screwdriver, two small screws, two double-sided tape squares, cleaning tissues, four 1.5v AA batteries and quick installation guide.

  • Dimensions - 120 x 65 x 22 mm
  • Material - ABS Plastic - Black
  • Power consumption - +/- 60 uA
  • Maximum count value - 999999
  • Data Memory : 40 days of minutely data
  • Measurement Width : 8 meter
  • Power Supply : 1.5V Alkaline batteries
  • Battery Life : 1 year
  • Internal date and time with battery backup
  • Easy Installation and extreme low power
  • Standard wide opening capability up to 10m / 33ft
  • Battery lifetime up to 1 year
  • ENI: Enhanced Noise Immunity (DSP Technology)
  • Download of data using USB Stick
  • Storage for over a month of minutely data
  • Internal date and time
  • Free software

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