2 Alarm Tag with Lanyard (RF 8.2Mhz or AM 58Khz)

Vendor: Bullseye Protection
$257.15 $367.00

The RF 8.2Mhz 2 Alarm Tag with Lanyard is an advanced version of the standard RF security tag that provides additional security features. It is primarily used for retail clothing, handbags, shoes, tools and other expensive items to prevent theft. It is one of our premium hard tags and has a unique, lightweight and elegant design.

This security tag comes with a lanyard, which is used to attach the tag to the item. The lanyard provides a secure attachment point that makes it difficult for a shoplifter to remove the tag without damaging the item.

This tag also offers 2 alarms. The first alarm on this security tag is triggered if it is tampered with or removed from the item without being properly deactivated. This alarm alerts store personnel to the potential theft and allows them to take action to prevent the theft from occurring inside the store. The second alarm on this security tag is triggered when the tagged item is taken through the security system at the store's entrance or exit. This alarm activates the security system at the door, notifying store personnel of a possible theft attempt and deterring the shoplifter from leaving the store.

Overall, the RF 8.2MHz security tag with lanyard and 2 alarms is an effective security solution that provides a high level of protection. The two alarms ensure that store personnel are immediately alerted to potential theft attempts and can take appropriate action to prevent loss.

  • Carton Quantity: 50 pcs per box (including lanyard)
  • Technology: RF 8.2Mhz / AM 58Khz
  • Locking: standard lock
  • Color: Black
  • Condition: Brand new product

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