RF 8.2Mhz Label Self Installation Starter Value Package Clear

Vendor: Bullseye Protection
$1,895.25 $2,182.50

Looking to protect your products with RF Paper Labels…keeping good aesthetics...it cannot be easier than this!!! RF Label Self Installation Starter Value Package Clear is plug and play. It is specially designed for new customers who are looking to protect the store with a minimum investment. The RF Paper Security Label is the ideal solution for the protection of those items that cannot be secured with a hard security tag, including books, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, DVD cases, security safers and more. The detection system is ready to install and self installation instructions are included. The antenna can protect a 6 foot doorway when installed in the middle or a regular 3 foot doorway when installed in the side of the door. The perfect solution for hard tags or labels.

This EAS Value Package includes:

  • 1 Single Antenna 8.2Mhz EAS Plexiglass System plug & play
  • 1 Universal Deactivator plug & play
  • 2000 RF Paper Security Label Barcode
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects

Terms & Conditions for Detection Systems
Detection Systems may require some configuration which can delay the shipment. If you would like to receive more information please contact one of our sales representatives. Our systems are self-installable, easy to move and require little or no calibration. Sensornation provides phone support when required by the customer. The company does not offer installation of Detection Systems and it is not responsible for any problem s arising during the installation. The detection of these security systems may vary from location to location and we cannot assure that optimum results will be achieved all the time, but in regular circumstances this systems do offer a fine detection of security tags and labels. See our return policy for more information.
For customers using a Baseplate for the installation of a Detection System, be aware that the system may fall if climb on it or push with force. Sensornation is not responsible for any damage.

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