Combo Lanyard and Tag for Wrapping car keys around steering wheels - 500 pcs.

Vendor: Bullseye Protection

The Lanyard Straight Wire Ball & Point (32 inches / 81 cm), used with hard tags that have a hole in the center for a lanyard. This Lanyard can be use to secure products that are difficult to protect with a regular tag and pin. 

Another application is for car dealerships. If you deal with a large number of vehicles each day, how do you keep track of the vehicle´s keys? This tag system or security strap, is a great way for wrapping keys around steering wheels. Simply use the tags to keep each set of keys with the right vehicle! While this method is simple, it's ultra convenient. Never be confused about which set of keys you need or where they're located when you're moving lots of cars or a customer wants to go for a spin.

  • Carton Quantity: 500 pcs per box (lanyard and mini tag)
  • Color: metal
  • Size: 32 inches (81 cm)
  • Condition: Brand new product

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