Interior Convex Mirrors

Vendor: Bullseye Protection

Our Convex Mirrors for Interiors, with heavy duty trim, durable fittings, and hardboard backing, provide 180° viewing angle, eliminating blind spots. Can be mounted on ceilings or walls, and a telescopic arm or mounting bracket is included.

Ideal applications: Retail Stores, Supermarkets and Convenience Stores, Hospitals, Walk-In Clinics and Pharmacies, Government and Commercial Facilities, Apartment Buildings and Nursing Home,s Warehouses, Parking Garages, Constructions Sites and Loading Docks Inventory/Stock Surveillance and Machinery, Observation High Risk Collision Areas, Distribution Centers

Advantages: Acrylic/ PMMA/ Plexiglass Mirror Grade Substrate Optical Quality Exceptional Quality Manufactured from 100% Virgin Resin UV inhibitors to prevent discoloration High Reflectivity 20% brighter than glass Durable Paint Backer Shatter Resistant Meets OSHA Requirements Exceptional Packaging CNC Machining to Exacting Specifications Environmentally Friendly Process

Note: Additional shipping charges may apply for bigger mirror sizes. Please contact our office for additional questions.

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