AM 58Khz Label Universal Deactivator with reset button

Vendor: Bullseye Protection
$569.00 $625.00

The AM 58Khz Label Universal Deactivator is used to deactivate the adhesive AM labels at the point of sale. It has the electronics built into the counter top pad. The installation consists of placing the deactivator on the counter and plugging into a standard outlet then pressing the button for auto-phasing. Once installed a low power transceiver detects a label when it enters the detection area. Once the deactivation signal is sent out, it deactivates the label.


• Technology: AM
• Self-adjusting electronics.
• Easy to install and maintain.
• Frequency: 58Khz
• Color: Black or Gray
• Power Input: 12VAC 200mA
• Deactivation Distance: 8" aprox
• Deactivation Pad Dim: Pad flange(21.5cm X 25.7cm) Pad Base (160mm X 160mm)
• Weight: 3 lbs. (1.36kg) with Power Supply

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