Under Vehicle Search & Inspection Mirror

Vendor: Bullseye Protection

Inspection Mirrors are ideal for searching under cars, trucks, and heavy equipment. The economy models are for searching high areas, shelves and closets. Our models feature galvanized steel handles with plastic hand grips, and are available in acrylic convex or flat mirrors. Options include an extra bright LED flashlight, and a heavy-duty swiveling wheel carriage that lets you tilt the mirror without the wheels leaving the surface.


702-BP-12WLC 12" Convex Model With Wheels & Flash Light
702-BP-12WLF 12" Flat Model With Wheels & Flash Light
702-BP-12LC 12" Convex Model With Flash Light
702-BP-12LF 12" Flat Model With Flash Light
702-BP-12WC 12" Convex Model With Wheels
702-BP-12WF 12" Flat Model With Wheels
702-BP-12C 12" Basic Convex Model
702-BP-12F 12" Basic Flat Model

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