Kenwood KVC-22 DC Vehicular Charger/adapter

Vendor: Kenwood
$41.30 $56.00

The KVC-22 is a Vehicle Charger Adapter For KSC-35SK

Works with: TK-2300/3300, TK-2302/3302,

TK-2400/3400, TK-2402/3402, NX-240V16P/340U16P

The KVC-22 is a vehicle support kit. Mounts for KSC-35 / 35S battery charger unit for corresponding PMR and Amateur transceivers on the market.


Recharges batteries of the KNB-63L (via KSC-35S), KNB-65L (via KSC-35S), KNB-45L (via KSC-35 and KSC-35SL) batteries.

It includes:

  • Cigarette lighter adapter.
  • Support for mounting.
  • Fixing screw

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