Kenwood NX-P1200NVK 151-159 MHz VHF 5 Watts 16 Channel NXDN Digital

Vendor: Kenwood
$418.70 $436.80

Kenwood NX-P1200NVK
  • The NX-P1200NVK portable radio allows the combination of analog and digital channels in the same zone. This gives you the ability to easily migrate to digital at your own pace, or operate more effectively in a mixed environment where groups of users have different needs or solutions.
  • Based on decades of experience with professional and high quality audio products, the NX-P1200NV can be customized to deliver the best digital audio to business radio users with various language backgrounds.
  • Built to take rough treatment in stride, the NX-P1200NVK has passed the demanding IP54/55 dust and water intrusion tests – both with and without the KMC-45 optional speaker microphone. It also meets or exceeds 11 stringent MIL-STD 10 C/D/E/F/G environmental standards, including “driven rain”.
  • A large 7-colour LED indicator on the top panel illuminates to notify multi-status functions.
  • Confidentiality in radio communications is a KENWOOD priority, and helping to maintain a high level of security in analog mode is a 16-code voice inversion scrambler, while robust NXDN Digital 15 Bit encryption is available in digital mode.

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