Self Adhesive Medium Duty Slot Hang Tab 14oz (1000 pcs)

Vendor: Bullseye Protection
$52.49 $74.50

The Self Adhesive Medium Duty Slot Hang Tab can be attached to various surfaces so that merchandise is well-organized and efficiently exhibited in retail store hooks. All our Hang Tabs are made of Clear U.V. inhibited plastic, with ultra bond adhesive, available in loose format, rolls or sheets, for faster peeling. Search through our catalog and identify the best hang tab that will suit your needs. This listing is for hang tabs sold in sheets only.

Product description:
  • Recommended Product Display Weight: 14 oz / 397 gr
  • Size of tab: Width 1.600" (40.64mm) / Height 1.500" (38.10mm)
  • Size of adhesive: Width 1.600" (40.64mm) / Height 0.750" (19.05mm)
  • Thickness: 14 mil (Gauge 356) 
  • Color: Clear
  • Tabs per sheet: 10 tabs.
  • Sheets per pack: 100 sheets.
  • Material: Clear U.V. inhibited plastic. 

Other features:
  • It is as easy as 1, 2, 3....Peel off the adhesive, apply it to the merchandise package and exhibit your product in the hook in an elegant manner. The majority of our hang tabs work with most pegboards or slat wall hooks in the market. 
  • The unique format of our Hang Tabs makes them faster to peel and use by your store employees€™
  • Our most popular models are greener due to their patented waste-saving design. 
  • Our patented adhesive zone saves material without compromising holding power and we use 60% less liner than the leading competitors' sheeted models.
  • Adhesives: all adhesives are Standard High Performance, Silicone Resistant and can be applied at low temperatures (for refrigerated environments)
  • All our products are tested at a unique Quality Control (QC) program that matches the package with the optimum tab, material and adhesive formulation. Our customers can be sure to get the same high quality product all the time.
  • All our Hang Tabs are available in loose format, rolls or sheets. Our ebay store listings are for sheets only format. If you require a different format please contact us.

How to apply a hang tab to your products:
  • Be sure to order the right hang tab for your application. It is important to use the correct hang tab for the recommended product display weight, otherwise the adhesive may not hold up the product. 
  • During the application of a Hang Tab, the surface of the product must be dry and clean of grease and dust.
  • Our Hang Tabs work well in most surfaces but in general Hang Tabs will hold better on some packaging materials than others. We recommend you testing the tabs on your products by ordering smaller quantities at the initial stage. If you find out that the hang tab is not working for your desire application, please contact us, we want to hear from you!

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