Types retail security tags available at Bullseye Protection

Types retail security tags available at Bullseye, Bullseye offers anti-shoplifting systems to the retail industry for more than 10 years. All major brands, custom, new, used, professional advice.

Retail security tags is a technical method that has helped significantly in loss-prevention. These tags are attached to the merchandise and deactivated by the store employee while billing, however, if anybody tries to take the merchandise outside the store without proper billing, a detection system at the exit rings an alarm. Control of Retail Theft It is imperative to control retail theft for each and every retail store, irrespective of its size. According to National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, thefts of $25 million take place from across the globe every day. Each and every retail store ranging from the one at the end of your street to the big giants like Walmart is investing a lot of resources to curb the activities like shoplifting. There are certain conventional methods to curb retail theft; like keeping the merchandise away from the reach of the customer on a shelf covered by a glass or keeping them locked. Another option could be to hire a large number of security people in the store, who check the bags of customers at checkout desks. But, all these options make the checkout procedure more complexed and lengthy. This also affects the customer satisfaction by not providing a hassle free shopping experience. Retailers have found retail security tags as a better option than the conventional methods. Types of Security Tags available at bullseye. There are different types retail security tags that can be used as per the requirements. MAGNETIC TAGS They are relatively cheaper. They are mainly used for low-price goods in retail outlets. These tags can be deactivated temporarily, hence making them re-usable. They can be best used for the books in libraries. However, the disadvantage is that these tags have low detection rate with a frequency oh 10 Hz to 1000 Hz. ACOUSTO-MAGNETIC TAGS These tags are made of two strips, not bound together, though. They are relatively thicker than magnetic tags, with better detection rates. There frequency is 58 kHz. These tags can be used for the merchandizes in a retail shop. RADIO FREQUENCY TAGS This type of security tags has the frequency between 1.75 MHz and 9.5 MHz They come up with capacitors ( the electrical component that stores energy in the electrical field), which need to be destroyed to get the tags de-activated. MICROWAVE TAGS These tags are made of the diode (non-linear elements). Microwave tags use two types of frequencies, first is microwave (quite obvious) and the other is an antenna. Microwave tags are costlier than the rest of the tags available in the market and are used in apparels' stores.

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