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Security tags, Bullseye Protection offers anti-shoplifting systems to the retail industry for more than 10 years. All major brands, custom, new, used, professional advice.

Security tags work around radio-frequency electromagnetic fields that transfer data from a tag that is tagged to the object. The process is followed to automatically identify and track objects. There are certain tags that don't require any battery. They are powered by the electromagnetic field that is being used to read. In other systems, a local power source is used that emit radio waves. These tags contain electronically stored information that could be read from a far off distance. You don't need the tag to be available within line of sight of the reader. You could also get the tag embedded in the tracked object. Security tags are widely used in various industries these days. You could have the tags attached to an automobile during production. It helps in tracking the progress during the line of assembly. You could have the tags in pharmaceuticals to track through warehouses. You could also have tags for livestock and pets, and you could have the tags injected that allow in easily identifying the animal. You could also have these tags attached to clothing and possessions. Some of the advantages of security tags in Bullseye Protection are: -You could track the movement of inventories very easily -You could receive and ship goods conveniently and quite fast -You could predict the demand for a particular product with ease -Your shoppers could save ample time -You won't have to face situations where you are out of stock -Your customers would get good deals with your system turning more efficient -Your buyers would get the required products at the right store and at the right time. The security tag is extremely important in Bullseye Protection today to avoid theft. The decrease in theft is mainly because of the presence of various types of security measurements. -Electronic article surveillance - It helps in identification with a chip that you should remove or deactivate at the checkout counter. -Tampering - You get a tamper proof security tag while purchasing goods. A broken tag means your product is tampered with. -Security tag printing - You get personalized tags with the logo Bullseye Protection and barcode. You could easily track your stolen goods from a central computerized system if the tag is present in the product. Digital counter is an electronic counter that is similar to a non-digital electronic counter. You have an LCD screen display that best suits your application. Ideally, you should have a LED display for a dark or dim environment. You could see the display from a far-off distance because of the internal illumination that is high in contrast. Hand counter comes in various types such as Standard hand counter, advanced hand counter, and Plastic hand counters.

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