Know Your Security Tags To Prevent From Getting Shoplifted

Know Your Security Tags To Prevent From Getting Shoplifted, Bullseye Protection offers anti-shoplifting systems to the retail industry for more than 10 years. All major brands, custom, new, used, professional advice.

These days shopkeepers, suffer real loss, because of the shoplifters. The shoplifters or the retail thieves, as they are called, tend to hide things under their coat, or in their pockets, or in handbags, or other accessory they are carrying. It’s not possible to check the customers, while they are leaving, and that is why this modern device called clothing security tags are invented, to stop these shoplifters, from doing what they do the best. The mechanism on which it works is very simple. A security tag is installed with a sensor, which sets off the alarm, once it passes through an EAS tower, which is placed, near the exit of the store. Thus, anything which is not bought, and is stolen, can be easily rescued with the help of this small useful device. Security tags can be both hard and soft, based on the materials they are made of. Also, there are few clothing security tags, which work with the Radio Frequency identification popularly known as RF and then there are the common ones that work with EAS or Electronic Article Surveillance. Types of Tags : Hard Tags – There are a variety of hard tags available in the market. They vary in size and shape, as well as in ways of removing. These usually have gator or plastic backs and needs pin to be attached to the garment seam. Special clothing security tag removers are needed, to remove these tags safely, and if not removed properly, it can even stain the cloth, or damage it, thus making it useless for future use. The ink tags, stain the clothes, if not removed in the proper manner, and the clam tags are made in such a way that the cloth needs to be cut out in a circular way to get rid of it. All the above mentioned tags, are removed by using magnetic detachers, while Sensormatic supertags, can be removed only by detachers, that have a specific size hook in it. Soft Tags – These are usually used for smaller materials. In this case there are tags attached to the clothing, which will set the alarm while passing through an EAS. So, once the material is bought, they deactivate these tags, and thus it doesn’t cause any chaos while passing through the towers. Other than the above two there is another category Cables, lanyards and Spiderwraps – These are used where the clothing can’t be pierced by the security pins of the hard tags. Usually cables are used as clothing security tags, while lanyards and spiderwraps are mostly used for boxed items. Thus, it is important to know the various types of security tags, to protect the shop items, from getting lifted.


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