Bullseye Protection is an authorized reseller of the complete Kenwood Radios line, offering a wide range of products including radios, speaker microphones, ear hangers, and multiple chargers. Our services extend beyond sales; we provide expert configuration of radios and ensure the precise matching of radio frequencies to your current location.

Kenwood stands as a premier developer and manufacturer in the realm of consumer electronics and communications equipment. Renowned for pioneering technology, Kenwood's products are favored by both consumers and industry professionals alike.

Kenwood KMC-55W IP67 Speaker Microphone
KMC-55W The Kenwood KMC-55W is a remote speaker microphone which is IP67 rated. The headset comes with an In- line...
$159.00 $135.00
Kenwood KHS-31 C-Ring Ear Hanger w/ PTT & Mic
Kenwood KHS-31  the C-Ring Ear Hanger with Push to Talk and Microphone from Kenwood is an adjustable hanger with a speaker....
$48.75 $36.00
Kenwood KHS-27 D-Ring Ear Hanger w/ PTT & Mic
ProTalk® D-Ring with Clip On Microphone and PTT function  Kenwood Model KHS27 is an over the ear model that has...
$37.25 $29.50
Kenwood G31002 Earhook Lapel Microphone
The Kenwood G31002 Earhook Lapel Microphone is compatible with most TK line of Kenwood radios Rugged soft comfortable ear hook...
$63.00 $40.00
Kenwood KMC-21, Compact Speaker Microphone.
The Kenwood KMC-21 is used as a speaker microphone to make your radio more functional. This black microphone works with Kenwood radios...
$79.00 $58.00
Kenwood KMC-45 Military Spec Speaker Microphone with Earpiece Jack
The Kenwood KMC-45 MIL-SPEC IP54/55 Speaker microphone provides a good level of audio output, in addition to voice clarity when receiving and...
$115.00 $97.00
Kenwood KHS-26 Clip Mic w/earphone
Kenwood KHS-26 Earbud Earpiece for Pro Talk 2- Way Radios   Features KHS-26  Maintains discreet communication Enables a user to...
$46.25 $33.70
Kenwood KHS-34 C-Ring Ear Hanger w/PTT & Mic (Only Compatible with PKT-23)
The C-arm Headset KHS-34 is ideally suited for using it combinded with the Kenwood PKT-23 handheld radio. KHS-34 Soft Rubber...
$55.00 $42.00
Kenwood KHS-51 C-Ring Ear Hanger with PTT & Mic
The Kenwood KHS-51 is one of the most practical and comfortable accessory for the NX-P500 2-way radio. The earpiece helps reducing ambient...
$35.00 $26.99
Kenwood KHS-33 Clip Mic w/ Earphone Single Pin (Only Compatible with PKT-23)
The Kenwood KHS-33 is an in-line pus han talk switch Microphone with a small Ear bud that rests comfortably in...
$49.00 $33.70

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