Checkpoint Compatible
Bullseye Protection can provide you with RF hard tags and labels that are compatible with Checkpoint, Nedap and other RF brands. We have a wide array of used and new compatible systems and parts, from different antennas to the popular Mini Tag or Clam Tag, our recommended Clam Tag, Pico Tag, or Ovni Tags. You can buy each of these anti-shoplifting security system parts individually or in Value Packages. For an immediate custom estimate and the best EAS System price, give us a call, or just shop in our secure online store.
2000 RF 9.5Mhz Paper Security Labels 1.5 inch (4x4) Plain White Non Deactivable
The RF Paper Security Labels 1.5 X 1.5 Inch 9.5Mhz White Non-Deactivable is the ideal solution for libraries, video rentals...
$149.00 $125.00

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