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Anti-theft security tags, Bullseye Protection offers anti-shoplifting systems to the retail industry for more than 15 years. All major brands, custom, new, used, professional advice. Call Now 305-5393808


All stores are most likely to have anti-theft security tags to prevent theft of their products. This is usually a small device that emits a high-frequency radio. The store can disable this. The signal is issued at any time; any customer can leave the store without paying for the item, the label as an alarm at the exit point. They are usually used in the case of CDs, DVDs and video games. They are particularly suitable for small objects that can be easily hidden. Deactivation is only possible when you purchase the item and is usually done using a high power magnet that neutralizes the signal and there is a beep from the device which means it is disabled. This is very useful in stores and local labels.

Many online stores offer clothing anti-theft security tags that comes in the form of domed decoration labels, stickers, metal tags, holograms and hot stamping for the protection of the garment to be stolen. They are also in the form of ink tags on clothing. Many online stores use the patented technology for them. Some stores, supermarkets, and libraries use the magnet Anti-theft security tags. In this technology, a strip of magnetic iron with a sub-adhesive on the product. The band is from the point of payment in a scanner that uses a magnetic field. Some online stores that offer this type of security labels offer the same option to reactivate. The wire has a high permeability to flow easily through the magnetic signals. Some online stores offer powerful magnets.

You need a burglar alarm system or not, you can benefit from the use of internal window security stickers. This light and easy to read labels to attach a window to warn people through the protection of the house. The stickers are ads like 'Let protected by a security of the brand - 24 hours Security "stickers are printed on high-quality fonts professionals looking for the authenticity of the design business. They are easy to put on a clean surface, just peel and stick.


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