10 Benefits of Using a Convex Mirror for Security

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10 Benefits of Using a Convex Mirror for Security - Sensornation

Did you know over $13 billion worth of goods are stolen each year by shoplifters? It's a pain that you can fight with the right security system. However, CCTV camera systems are expensive and difficult to use.

You should consider getting a convex mirror.

What is a convex mirror? It's a curved mirror that allows for better visibility thanks to how it reflects the light in a divergent manner. We'll go in detail as to how convex mirrors are useful for your security and your safety.

1. Cost-Efficient and Long Lasting

Materials used for a convex mirror are notably lightweight and durable. They may be glass, stainless steel, polycarbonate, or acrylic.

Not only does this add up to your security measures, these are also sustainable with little to no maintenance. In addition, convex mirrors are easy to install and would require little need for skilled labor.

2. Environment-Friendly

Convex mirrors are also environment-friendly due to the recycled material utilized in its construction.

Also, with convex mirrors, there is no need for electricity in trying to find out what is going on at those hard to reach corners. This gives shop owners an advantage and a better field of vision without adding any burden to their energy expenses.

And in the event of a power outage or equipment failure, you can still rely on convex mirrors to help you monitor the establishment.

3 Designed with Increased Visibility

Convex mirrors are also known in other names. Automobile enthusiasts call it the fisheye mirror due to its shape, while scientists call it a diverging mirror. This roots to the fact that a convex mirror causes the light rays to diverge when they reflect.

This way, rays of light that are initially parallel to each other will end up diverging in different directions. The shape allows for a wider field of vision, increasing the watcher's visibility field.

What makes convex mirrors a viable option for security is this property that allows shopkeepers and other security personnel to have visual on blind spots, corners, and hard to see areas while monitoring from a single point.

4. Works well when combined with Security Cameras

With a better field of vision, convex mirrors are perfect to put in tandem with a CCTV system. Security cameras can come in a variety of models and they can cover quite a lot in their field of vision. However, there are still areas and corners that are as close as a blind spot.

Now, if combined with a strategic placement of a convex mirror, you can make both devices synergize to an extent. You increase the field of view for the area to watch over while capturing everything on record.

5. Shapes Can Cater to Various Positions and Placements

There are a variety of convex mirrors that you can install in your establishment. Usually, convex mirrors come in either a circular or a rectangular shape.

The circular mirror usually measures at around 300-1000 mm sizes. The rectangular mirrors, in this case, have a rounded edge and best placed in low-ceiling locations. These usually measure at around 600 x 400 mm to 1200 x 800 mm sizes.

There are also other security mirrors that take on a different design. This particularly pertains to dome mirrors, which are helpful for indoor purposes, as they provide a panoramic view of the location. These come in full dome (perfect for a central position), half dome (situated on a wall side), and quarter dome (corner positioning) variants.

These hemisphere and part hemisphere mirrors have a size range of 450 to 1000mm size.

Each shape and type of security mirror you would pick fits a particular placement and design. So choosing one would need some good thought.

6. Reflections Give out Crisp Image for Clarity and Visibility

Thanks to the materials utilized for these curved mirrors, they can give out a virtual image that is both defined and clear. You have guaranteed that the mirror won't warp due to the temperature changes. In addition, these mirrors are scratch proof, ensuring that you have a clear image.

Also, knowing the size of the mirror can also ensure of the effective viewing distance. For example, a 300mm round convex mirror has an effective maximum distance of approximately 3 meters. Meanwhile, a 900mm round convex mirror has an approximate effective range of 25 meters maximum.

7. Have Designs Perfect for both Indoor and Outdoor

Each convex mirror has indoor and outdoor configurations, making them perfect for these areas when installed. An outdoor convex mirror would have a more heavy duty rim and installation joints compared to an indoor convex mirror.

8. Durable against the Weather and Elements

Outdoor convex mirrors are notably tough; designed with heavy duty parts. These variants have weatherproof features, including anti-frost and anti-condensation features. These make them hardy against the cold and harsh climates while maintaining a crisp reflection.

Additionally, these mirrors are tough, impact-proof, and scratch-proof.

9. Also Useful As Safety Device

You can use a convex mirror as both a security device and as a safety device within the establishment. Due to their locations in corners and intersections, employees and customers can also see around blind spots. This is helpful in preventing accidents in those areas.

For employees carrying objects and supplies, they can easily maneuver with convex mirrors in place. For motorists, they can perceive incoming vehicles and pedestrians while they reach tight passageways and intersections with the help of a convex mirror.

10. Enhances Traffic Flow

Whether inside the workplace, campus, shop or out on the streets, having a convex mirror in corners and intersections improves the traffic flow on these areas. This allows for ease of movement and would prevent unnecessary congestion and inconvenience.

Get a Convex Mirror Today!

Convex mirrors prove to be versatile for your establishment. Not only are they effective security devices, they are also used as safety devices for both your customers and employees. They are also eco-friendly and cost-effective additions to your security.

Along with convex mirrors, we offer a variety of security measures and devices that you can use for your store. You can contact us today to inquire about our selection of security solutions.

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